The History of Brick Church

In May, 1844, a group of 22 people in the Walworth area were led by the Lord to organize a church.  They met together, wrote their Articles of Faith, a church Covenant, and Sentiments on Moral Questions.  On Thursday, June 13, 1844, a “council of delegates” from Delavan and Round Prairie (now Sharon) met and voted “to fellowship the brethren and sisters as a church of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”     This was four years before Wisconsin became a state.  The first pastor was elder Henry Topping.  Henry also started the East Delavan Baptist Church which is also still preaching the gospel.


The first meeting place of this new fellowship was a log school house which was located to the southeast of the present church building where the Brick School building now stands.  It was furnished with benches, a board table, and a box for books.  Tallow candles, with tin reflectors, were used for lighting.


In the summer of 1845 a one story frame building was erected just east of the present church.


Eleven years later the sanctuary of the recent building was erected, free of debt.  The building cost $2,500 and was dedicated on June 5, 1856.

The church bell was broken while being installed.  William Featherstone and Deacon Reader sent for a new bell from near their old home in England, a place famous for their bells.  The bell, which is still ringing in the church today, was installed in the church belfry four years after the order was sent.

Heating of the church was done by round oak stoves with long pipes running to the chimney at the west end of the sanctuary.  Lights were kerosene lamps.  Electricity was brought to the community late in 1926 at which time both the church and parsonage, just south of the church, were wired.

Sheds around the west and north sides of the church were erected in 1880 to protect the horses from the weather.  These buildings were removed in 1935.


During the winters of 1938 and 1939, the men of the church and community donated much of the labor to excavate and cement the basement.   That basement was remodeled for the third time during the winter of 2012-13.  Much of the labor was done by church members.

The educational wing was dedicated, debt free, on August, 10, 1952.


The sanctuary was enlarged, and the front entrance and a baptistery were added, in 1964.


In the  mid-nineties a wing was added to the north side of the building making most of it handicapped accessible and adding  more worship space, new offices, and an elevator which is especially appreciated.



The REAL story of Brick Church is the changed lives of those who have been and will be touched by its influence.  The church shares in the weddings and funerals, the joys and sorrows, of the community.  At the heart of all church activities is the teaching of God’s word.  


      Brick Church teaches and preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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